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Guide to the Benefits of Asphalt vs. Concrete June 4, 2018

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Guide to the Benefits of Asphalt vs. Concrete, Troy, Alabama

When it comes to the world of paving products, it’s important to understand the key differences between the basic constituent materials: asphalt and concrete. Whether it’s a big job, such as an interstate highway, or a small job, such as a backyard basketball court, making an informed decision about  paving contractor work begins by developing a familiarity with these materials. You should also find experts you can trust to get the job done smartly, efficiently, and built to last. Here’s an overview of the two most commonly used materials in paving construction. 

Asphalt vs. Concrete

What Is Asphalt?

Asphalt is a semi-solid surface material made from the byproducts of petroleum, especially bitumen. It is black and sticky in appearance and is most malleable when at high temperatures. Asphalt is commonly used in road construction and for paving parking lots and driveways. It is spread hot and rolled by large paving machines, after which it settles into a strong, slightly absorbent seal over the roadway.  

What Is Concrete?

Paving ContractorConcrete is a condensed composite material made of sand, crushed gravel, water, and other bonding aggregates. It is usually light gray in appearance, and its density makes it useful in soundproofing. In use for thousands of years, concrete is a versatile building material found in a variety of structures both practical and artistic. Concrete is commonly found in building foundations, sidewalks, and bridges.


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