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Can I Get Spousal Support? An Experienced Divorce Attorney Explains January 30, 2018

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Can I Get Spousal Support? An Experienced Divorce Attorney Explains, Dothan, Alabama

If you’re thinking of ending your marriage, worrying about finances might hold you back, especially if you rely on your spouse for support. Fortunately, the courts can order your spouse to make monthly payments, giving you the resources you need to start the next phase of your life. The rules for determining alimony amounts and duration are often complex, so speak to a divorce attorney to ensure your rights are protected.

Are You Eligible for Spousal Support?

Types of Alimony

Family courts typically order alimony when one spouse lacks marketable job skills because they stayed home to care for the couple’s children. In these instances, payments might continue either until the spouse remarries or the children no longer need constant supervision. Even if there are no children, the judge might grant you alimony for a set period, usually enough time to find a job or finish an educational program. Some states, such as Georgia, also offer interim alimony, designed to provide financial support while the divorce is underway. When the property is divided, and you get your share of the marital assets, the support is terminated.

Qualifying for Spousal Support

divorce attorneyFamily courts weigh a wide variety of factors when deciding whether to order support. The income difference between you and your spouse is an important element, along with your parenting responsibilities. If you’re going to be caring for the children, you may receive alimony in addition to your child support payments. If you’ve abandoned your own career or educational goals to support your spouse or care for your kids, you might be entitled to alimony while you get your life back on track. Your divorce attorney will help figure out whether you qualify for alimony and what type you might get.


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