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3 Reasons Why Ice Hockey Is a Great Sport for Your Child March 9, 2018

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3 Reasons Why Ice Hockey Is a Great Sport for Your Child, Randolph, New Jersey

All sports promote wellness and health, but ice hockey encourages lifelong abilities that go beyond the rink. When children learn to play hockey at Aspen Ice in Randolph, NJ, they’re not only learning how to play a sport — they’re also learning about teamwork, discipline, and the importance of keeping up their physical and mental strength. Below, their expert instructors break down the top three compelling reasons why ice hockey is a great sport for your child.

3 Reasons Your Child Should Play Ice Hockey

1. Hockey Teaches Valuable Life Skills

While learning physical techniques and movements is essential to winning any game, hockey places immense value on communication, responsibility, and trust amongst players. As children grow up, they carry these essential skills to help them move forward in any area of their lives. Even when they experience loss, their hockey experience teaches them to carry on with dignity and to seek out opportunities to improve themselves. 

2. Hockey Improves Mental Focus & Speed

ice hockeyEach second counts in a fast-paced sport such as hockey. If a child isn’t focused or slow to react to the ever-changing environment of hockey, the game can quickly go sour. Being taught to perform under stress not only applies to the sport, but also to their daily lives, whether they’re taking an exam or working in a high-speed workplace.

3. Hockey Builds Good Habits

Although you know what’s best for your child, it can be challenging to get them to follow your rules when they want to be autonomous. The best way to get them to build good, healthy habits — such as waking up early and exercising regularly — is by letting them learn the value of those habits on their own. Hockey is a perfect gateway to establishing these behaviors since it requires immense amount of practice and self-discipline in order to succeed.

If you’re thinking of introducing your child to ice hockey, sign them up for one of the youth hockey programs at Aspen Ice. Their experienced instructors teach a wide age range of children, starting as young as four years old. To learn more about their ice hockey leagues, call (973) 927-9122 or visit their website to view more information.

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