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Unionville’s Elderly Care Service Explains 3 Benefits of Socializing for Seniors January 30, 2018

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Unionville’s Elderly Care Service Explains 3 Benefits of Socializing for Seniors, Farmington, Connecticut

Old age can be lonely, and when seniors are unable to socialize due to disability and other issues, it can lead to further medical complications. According to the elderly care staff at Polish Helping Hands in Unionville, CT, socializing plays a much greater role in seniors’ well-being, which is why it’s important for them to have regular companionship. Whether through friends or simply a senior companion, the health benefits can translate to lasting well-being while raising their current quality of life.

3 Ways Socializing Helps Seniors

1. Staying Active

Health issues like diabetes and cardiovascular disease are linked to obesity. This can be prevalent among solitary seniors, as they often live sedentary lifestyles. Socializing combats this by promoting exercise. Whether it’s simply standing at a gathering, going for a walk with friends or a caregiver, or taking part in light activities, seniors will avoid many weight-related health issues while also enjoying the mental health benefits of exercise.

2. Preserving Mental Health

elderly-care-polish-helping-handsWhen seniors don’t get ample socialization, it can quickly lead to cognitive decline. Socializing promotes a variety of valuable brain uses, including problem-solving, creativity, and other higher forms of thought. These are literally “exercise” for their brain and something that can be achieved even through a basic chat with an elderly care specialist. This will, in turn, preserve their mood, which reduces stress and other issues that can affect physical health.

3. Preserving Purpose

Seniors often develop depression because they feel they’re a burden or lack purpose. Socializing can quickly change this through many opportunities. Volunteering at events, taking part in church gatherings or other functions, or simply being a companion to a friend all create a sense of purpose. This will improve mood and foster valuable optimism that will positively affect other lifestyle factors.

If you’re looking for elderly care services, turn to the staff at Polish Helping Hands. They offer a variety of options ranging from caregiver services to more extensive in-home care and are dedicated to helping patients maintain a healthy quality of life. Call (860) 404-0499 today to speak with their staff and visit their website and Facebook to learn more about their services.

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