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Local Carpet Cleaners Share 3 Substances Guaranteed to Stink Up Your Carpet February 6, 2018

Pearl City, Ewa
Local Carpet Cleaners Share 3 Substances Guaranteed to Stink Up Your Carpet, Ewa, Hawaii

For all of their benefits, carpets are still incredibly absorbent, and much of what they absorb can cause terrible odors. These odors can persist for months—even years—without prompt attention from a professional carpet cleaner. Some are easy to clean out, but others are notorious for being incredibly stubborn. Bears Carpet Care in Pearl City, HI, shares some of the worst culprits below.

Expert Carpet Cleaners Highlight 3 Substances Guaranteed to Make Carpets Smell Bad

1. Mildew

You’ve probably smelled it in most attics and basements you’ve visited. But while it may be somewhat acceptable in uninhabitable places, mildew is probably not acceptable coming from your living room carpet. Mildew can thrive in carpeting for many reasons, including after a recent spill or even after shampooing. It’s important to respond to this musty odor as soon as possible with professional services.

2. Pet Urine

carpet cleanersPets, especially those that haven’t been “fixed,” tend to have pungent urine—and the effects can be permanent if you don’t clean it out thoroughly. In the worst case scenario, strong pet urine can never fully be washed away and merits replacing sections of your carpet. For the best results, call for professional carpet repair or pet odor removal.

3. Smoke

Whether it comes from cigarette smoke or a recent house fire, smoke can leave unpleasant odors behind in carpeting. Inhaling smoke particles can also be harmful for your health, as it can allow soot to build up in your lungs. Smoke odors should be removed by a professional with personal protective equipment.

Looking for reputable carpet cleaners near Pearl City, HI? Get in touch with Bears Carpet Care. Having upheld an A+ rating from the BBB, they excel at carpet repair and deodorization, with over 15 years of industry experience to draw from. To request an estimate from the fully licensed and insured carpet cleaning company, give them a call at (808) 455-6174. More information is available on their website.

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