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5 Roof Repair Tips Every Homeowner Should Know January 30, 2018

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5 Roof Repair Tips Every Homeowner Should Know, Kernersville, North Carolina

Your roof is exposed to environmental conditions like rain, wind, and sunlight, all of which can take their toll on the structure. Homeowners want to make the materials and support system last for as long as possible, so it’s important to know when you need roof repairs. The following roof maintenance tips will help you prolong the roof’s useful life and determine when professional assistance is the best option.

How to Care for Your Roof

1. Exercise Caution

No matter how comfortable you are with household tasks, safety should always be a top priority. Use a sturdy ladder when you’re working and make sure someone knows you’re on the roof. Pay attention to the weather, so you know whether it’s safe to work, and wear the appropriate clothing and shoes for the job. If you feel unsafe climbing to the top of your house, then leave the task to a professional contractor instead.

2. Use a Hose to Locate Leaks

Since water travels between the layers of your roofing system and interior walls, roof leaks can be difficult to find. If you see water in the house on a rainy day, then wait until the weather clears up to look for the leak. Follow the signs of water damage to the top floor of your home, then use a hose to spray the roof and find where the water enters the house.

3. Watch for Dry Rot

roof repair Kernersville NCWhile homeowners are familiar with water damage, they are surprised to learn that it has lasting consequences. Dry rot is caused by a fungus that consumes wood and leaves it dry and brittle. This can degrade roof frame and cause shingles to sag inward. If you detect problems out in the middle of your roof, then dry rot is a likely factor.

4. Fix Issues Quickly

The longer you leave damaged or deteriorated roofing in place, the more the damage will compound. Missing shingles and gaps in the decking allow water to seep in through the cracks and encourage mold growth and moisture-related structural weakness. Patching holes as soon as you find them minimizes the risk of a problem developing and affecting other parts of the house. 

5. Know When to Call the Professionals

You might be able to handle small, simple roof repairs, but when it comes to labor-intensive projects, hiring a contractor is the best option for your home and wallet. If your roof shows signs of structural damage, needs significant repairs, or is leaking in difficult areas like valleys and joints, then leave the roof repairs to an expert.


Your roof serves an important purpose, so it’s crucial that you find a trusted contractor to keep it standing tall. Price & Sons Roofing has served the Kernersville, NC, area for over 30 years, providing quality roof repairs and maintenance for both residential and commercial clients. They use high-quality materials and offer long-term warranties you can rely on. Call (336) 869-6921 or send a message online to request a quote.

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