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What Is the Solution for Hot & Cold Spots in Your Home? January 30, 2018

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What Is the Solution for Hot & Cold Spots in Your Home?, ,

In the winter, keeping your home warm is difficult if your current heating system isn’t working well enough to make the entire room comfortable. Rather than dealing with pesky hot and cold spots, invest in the right Mitsubishi Electric® heating system to stay nice and toasty throughout the season. To help you make your choice, the Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractors™ at Unique indoor Comfort in Conshohocken, PA, are here to let you know about the different systems.

Mitsubishi Electric Heating & Cooling Systems for Uneven Room Temperatures

1. Wall-Mounted Units

If you’re searching for a fast way to correct hot and cold spots in a single room, a wall-mounted unit is a fantastic choice. They can be easily installed in a specific room and control the temperature based on the presence of human heat signatures. With this unique technology, you won’t have to constantly adjust the temperature each time you enter and leave the room. Mitsubishi Electric also makes changing the settings on wall-mounted units simple with the addition of handheld remotes and smartphone apps. 

2. Ceiling-Cassette Units 

Mitsubishi ElectricLarger rooms that require more heat should be fitted with a Mitsubishi Electric ceiling-cassette unit. You can easily adapt these systems to suit your needs by adjusting one or all of the four independently movable vents. Since these vents are located on each side, the ceiling-cassette unit offers more heating coverage for your room. 

3. Multi-Zone Cooling & Heating Systems

To give you control over each room in your home, a Mitsubishi Electric multi-zone cooling and heating system connects up to eight indoor units using one outdoor system. This allows you to change the temperature in one room without affecting others.

You can also use different indoor units in each room depending on their size and your taste. For example, your large master bedroom might need a ceiling-cassette unit while the smaller guest bedroom only requires a wall-mounted heating unit.

The Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractors at Unique Indoor Comfort will work with you to assess what heating and cooling solutions you should consider. With over 50 years of experience, the company will make the best suggestion for your home and your budget. Visit them online for more information on their services. Give them a call at (610) 825-4400 to ask any questions you have or schedule your installation. 

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