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5 Ways to Make Your Loved One’s Funeral a More Personal Affair January 29, 2018

Pearl City, Ewa
5 Ways to Make Your Loved One’s Funeral a More Personal Affair, Ewa, Hawaii

For a funeral to serve as a fitting tribute, it should celebrate the person’s life, which will provide comfort to grieving family members and friends. Leeward Funeral Home in Pearl City, HI, has more than five decades of experience planning celebrations of life. Below, they share a few tips to celebrate the life of your loved one.

How to Personalize a Loved One’s Funeral

1. Create a Video Montage

A video montage offers a glimpse into the life of the deceased. Footage can be taken from a number of places, including wedding videos and family celebrations. The proliferation of smartphone cameras should make it easier to find suitable footage.

2. Design a Photo Display

If video footage is not readily available, consider designing a photo display. Such features are becoming more common at many funeral services because they allow guests to celebrate the deceased as they lived. For an effective presentation, select photos from many different ages and occasions.

3. Read a Passage From a Beloved Book

funeralMany people credit certain passages from books with helping them through a particularly tough area of their lives. If you’re aware of such a text, consider reading it aloud at your loved one’s service.

4. Highlight a Hobby

If the deceased was enthusiastic about some subject or topic, incorporate it into the service. This can offer a bit of levity in some cases, while also ensuring guests are well-aware of what interested the dearly departed.

5. Provide Attendees With a Keepsake

Keepsakes can be tailored to the individual, from inspirational quotes etched onto exquisite stationery to a commemorative bag of seeds to symbolize life and re-birth. That way, those in attendance can cherish the memory of your loved one for years to come.

A professional service can help you personalize your ceremony. Leeward Funeral Home puts the needs of families first when creating thoughtful and dignified funeral programs. Call (808) 455-1041 today to learn more about funeral planning on the Big Island. You can also access important information about navigating the healing process by visiting the website.

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