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4 Amazing Benefits of Owning Cruisers January 30, 2018

Sodus Point, Wayne
4 Amazing Benefits of Owning Cruisers, Sodus Point, New York

Between the fresh air, warm sun, and ocean spray, there’s nothing quite like setting out on the open sea. Although you could go through the hassle of renting a boat every time you get the urge to leave land, owning your own seafaring vessel has many benefits, and cruisers can change the way you experience the water. Here are just some of the perks of owning your own.

Why It’s Great to Own a Cruiser

1. Modern Amenities

Even though you’re splashing about on the open water, cruisers allow for many of the modern amenities of your home on land. Between the air conditioning, full-service plumbing, and a fully stocked kitchen capable of cooking up a fresh catch, you’ll be as comfortable as can be. For a nap, you can duck into the cozy sleeping quarters and take advantage of a hot shower to greet the day.

2. Mental Health

Sometimes, you just need to get away from it all. Cruisers allow you to hop out to sea whenever the mood strikes, letting you recharge your batteries and get a bit of peace. You can bathe in the warmth of the sun as the sea slowly rocks you into relaxation, improving your mental and emotional health.

3. Entertainment

cruisersAs soon as you throw your first get-together on your cruiser, you’ll quickly become the favorite friend or member or your family. Entertaining on cruisers is a wonderful experience for all involved, and owning the vessel means you can schedule an event whenever you please. Even better, ownership also allows for customization. If you want to deck out the lounge area with upholstery or designs, go wild! With a bit of legwork, you can turn your cruiser into the ultimate leisure experience for your family and friends.

4. Affordability

Cruisers no longer bear the extreme cost as they once did. Many gorgeous vessels are well within financial range and will allow for wonderfully leisurely trips out to sea, whether it’s just for a weekend or a more-extended journey.


Krenzer Marine is the go-to destination for those looking to purchase a sea vessel in Sodus Point, NY. With a showroom full of top-of-the-line models and our team of boating experts ready to help you find the perfect match, you’ll be out on the open water before you know it. For more information, call us at (315) 483-6986 or visit the website today.

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