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Your Guide to Preventing Sump Pump Problems January 30, 2018

Ontario, Wayne
Your Guide to Preventing Sump Pump Problems, Ontario, New York

A sump pump is a smart addition to your home because it combats the threat of flooding or underground moisture. Many homeowners fit their properties with these devices and want to enjoy their benefits for as long as possible. To do so, follow the below tips to prolong your pump’s life span. 

Get a Power Backup

sump pumpOne of the most common causes of sump pump failure is a power outage. The system needs power to run, and big storms–which are when you’ll need your pump most–are often accompanied by power outages. Invest in a battery or backup generator for your sump pump so you always have a power source. Set it up to kick in automatically if needed, since you may not be home when the power outage occurs. Also, never unplug your pump to use the outlet for something else, as you could forget to plug it back in after you’re done.

Test & Maintain the Pump

You likely rely on your sump pump on an as-needed basis. Most pumps benefit from being run every two to three months, so test yours following this interval. Fill the pit with water to test that the pump kicks on and go outside to check the water flow. In addition to these tests, bring in a professional to inspect the system once a year and before the storm season begins.


If you don’t currently have a sump pump or think that your system needs attention, contact John Lockwood Plumbing in Ontario, NY, at (585) 265-0736. They are expert plumbers with over 40 years of experience keeping sump pumps in excellent condition. They can also help with a range of plumbing repair and plumbing installation needs so you’ll have systems you can rely on.

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