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How Sidewalks Can Enhance Your Community July 5, 2018

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How Sidewalks Can Enhance Your Community, Troy, Alabama

As a staple of the American suburb, sidewalks are often overlooked or taken for granted. But while these paved surfaces may blend in with the rest of a neighborhood, they are the unsung heroes of a community. Providing a wide range of asphalt and construction services in Dothan, AL, Midsouth Paving highlights a few reasons why it’s a good idea to invest in sidewalks for your local area.

Benefits of Sidewalks for Your Community

Improve Safety

When no paved pathways are present, residents are forced to stick to unmarked shoulders to get to where they need to go. Many times, these pedestrians can catch motorists off-guard, increasing the risk of a potentially deadly accident. This can be even more hazardous for children who are too small to be seen by passing drivers.

By comparison, sidewalks provide a natural barrier between the road and lawns that motorists will instantly recognize. For this reason, sidewalks can greatly reduce the risk of pedestrian collisions and allow people of all ages to feel secure when walking within their communities.

Promote Physical Activity

sidewalksA network of reliable sidewalks can do wonders for a neighborhood’s walkability score—a measure of how easy it is to get around the area on foot. With access to safe pathways, individuals can jog, play in the park, and walk their dogs with confidence. Over time, this pedestrian access can lead to major health benefits, namely by encouraging citizens to get outdoors and stay active.   

Enhance Economic Prospects

Although planning for sidewalk construction can require a considerable amount of money, these resources are well worth the investment. Specifically, these pathways can make it much easier for residents to visit stores and support local businesses. As more people become willing to take advantage of these surfaces, the positive economic impact on the community will grow.

Reduce Flooding Risks

When unpaved shoulders or ditches are the only things lining a roadside, there are often not enough places for water to escape. In the event of a serious rainstorm, this lack of drainage can increase the risk of flooding and subsequent water damage. Sidewalk curbs, however, provide an easy solution to this problem by helping direct water to the appropriate disposal area—such as a gutter or storm drain.  

While sidewalks can offer major benefits to a neighborhood, having them installed is often an equally major project. Fortunately, if you’re a local community leader in the Dothan, AL, area, Midsouth Paving can provide the quality work you need. Serving Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and the Florida Panhandle regions, this paving contractor is equipped with the skilled crews and heavy equipment necessary to install beautiful sidewalks that will provide reliable service for years to come. To learn more about paving services, visit this specialist online. For quotes on an upcoming project, call (334) 712-7500 to speak with a friendly team member.  

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