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Avoid Winter Storm Damage to Your Metal Roof With These Maintenance Tips March 21, 2018

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Avoid Winter Storm Damage to Your Metal Roof With These Maintenance Tips, Waynesboro, Virginia

Metal roofs provide many benefits to homes across the country. Because they improve energy efficiency and boast exceptional durability, this material is a favorite of many homeowners. Yet, like other roofing materials, it is still susceptible to storm damage—particularly during the winter. By following the tips below, you can keep your roof in excellent shape.

Protect Your Metal Roof From Winter Storm Damage With These Maintenance Tips

1. Clear Debris

storm damageBecause of their smooth surfaces, debris often falls off of metal roofs. However, leaves, branches, and other objects may get caught where sheets are fastened together. When this happens, the debris must be cleared as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will pile up and damage the roof.

2. Trim Trees & Plants

Even with their exceptional durability, metal roofs wear out faster if tree branches constantly brush against them. In fact, the abrasions can damage the roof’s finish, which may cause debris to get stuck. By trimming trees and other plants, you can maintain your roof’s finish and prevent such issues.

3. Use Snow Guards

In the winter, install snow guards along your roof’s edge. These devices are designed to force snow and ice to slide off in small amounts. This will protect the roof by preventing an accumulation of heavy snow, which may burden the surface. In addition, it will prevent the roof from shedding too much snow and ice at one time, which may be dangerous to passersby.


Keep your metal roof in excellent condition with maintenance services from Quality Enterprise in Waynesboro, VA. Serving the community for more than 30 years, these roofing contractors know how to avoid winter storm damage—as well as how to repair problems quickly. Give them a call today at (540) 949-0566 to learn more about their services, and like them on Facebook for the latest updates.
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