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How Can a Meal Replacement Shake Help Me Lose Weight? January 26, 2018

Linden Park, Fox
How Can a Meal Replacement Shake Help Me Lose Weight?, Fox, Missouri

While summer is a long way off, many people in Kansas City, MO, have their minds on new years’ resolutions aimed at creating an amazing beach body. Meal replacement shakes can help you get there, especially with the assistance of Wellness Coach Joanna Hughes. As a purveyor of Herbalife® Nutrition products, Joanna can assist you on your weight loss journey in a healthy and nutritious manner. Here’s more information on how nutrition shakes can help you maintain a healthy weight.

A Guide to Meal Replacement Shakes

Balanced Diet

The key to losing weight and keeping it off is eating a well-balanced diet. This entails eating fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. You should also strive to reduce your intake of processed foods and anything with a high sugar content. Even if you know the types of foods you should be eating, preparing nutritious meals on a daily basis can be a challenge. This is especially true for people with hectic lifestyles, who may find themselves eating on the run often.

Nutrition Shakes

meal replacement shakesIf you find yourself struggling to eat right, incorporating meal replacement shakes into your diet can be beneficial. Many people lack the time for a hearty and wholesome breakfast, which is integral to maintaining a healthy weight. If this is the case, drinking a shake in place of a proper breakfast can provide the nutrition you need to get through the day. However, you must remain cognizant of eating right during the other meals throughout the day. For instance, a healthy shake in the morning and a dinner laden with fat and processed ingredients will do little for your weight loss goals.


Along with diet, you should make sure you’re getting the right amount of physical activity in your life. The best way to lose weight is to burn calories, and you’ll need calories from healthy food items to exercise properly. Nutrition shakes can boost your level of activity, as they will afford a quick boost of energy by way of natural and wholesome ingredients.

Let Herbalife and Wellness Coach Joanna Hughes support you on your wellness journey. If you’re curious about these products, call (816) 269-7843 today for more information. You can also visit the website to view the full range of products currently available, including meal replacement shakes.

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