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The Connection Between Dirty Structures in Cities & Dirty Air January 30, 2018

East Oak Hill, Austin
The Connection Between Dirty Structures in Cities & Dirty Air, Austin, Texas

As useful and productive as cities can be for work and personal connections, there can be some health drawbacks if local business concerns are not careful. Recent scientific studies have shown that the production of smog can be partially attributed to dirt left on buildings and other outdoor structures. If the owners don’t schedule industrial cleanings, this grime can build up and contribute to even more polluted air. Here is an overview of how this pollution process occurs and what you can do about it. 

Understanding Dirt, Pollution & The Value of Industrial Cleaning

What Is the Role of Grime?

While the main contributor to air pollution is when industrial structures release emissions or chemical byproducts into the air, smog can also be formed in industrial cleaningsubtler ways. It turns out that when ultraviolet rays of the sun rest on grime, particles of nitrogen oxide get released — this substance has been implicated as one of the chief creators of ozone in the air, which leads to smog. 

How Do Buildings Come Into Play?

So what does basic dirt have to do with industrial buildings? When they go uncleaned, these structures become active accumulation grounds for a substantial amount of grime, releasing dense amounts of nitrogen oxide into the air. This pollution poses health hazards to both employees who work at the factory or production plant, as well as any passerby who’s in the neighborhood. Air pollution has been linked with a variety of respiratory problems, including the development of asthma in children. 

What Can Be Done About It?

To prevent these pollutants, it’s necessary to hire an industrial cleaning specialist. The crew can blast away even the most stubborn grime that has become attached to a building you own, vastly reducing the pollution-creating surface area of your property. By investing in an industrial cleaning, you’ll not only support the health of local individuals, but you’ll also receive the added benefit of transforming a structure into one that is more aesthetically pleasing.


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