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5 Different Approaches to Acne Treatment January 29, 2018

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5 Different Approaches to Acne Treatment, Hamilton, Ohio

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions in America. Causing red, painful cysts, it is uncomfortable and lowers confidence—and it’s not always easy to treat. While routine hygiene and over-the-counter topical solutions can minimize flare-ups for some, many patients need a prescription to maintain clear skin. If you’re considering advanced care, Louis Luke Barich, MD—a leading dermatologist in Hamilton, OH—highlights five common acne treatment options that may help.   

5 Acne Treatments Your Dermatologist Can Prescribe  

1. Retinoids

Topical gels and creams that contain retinoid medications can help minimize blemishes by preventing dead skin cells from clogging hair follicles. Typically, these are applied directly to the skin before bed, several times a week. Popular options include Differin®, Retin-A®, and Tazorac®.

2. Antibiotics

Short courses of antibiotics may be used to help eliminate the bacteria that are responsible for redness and breakouts. In many cases, they will be prescribed at the start of the treatment and used for several months along with retinoid creams.

3. Birth Control

acne treatmentMany oral contraceptives have been shown to be effective in helping reduce acne in women. These medications—such as Ortho Tri-Cyclen®—work by regulating the hormones that may be responsible for excessive oil production in the skin.  

4. Skin Therapies

There are a variety of in-office treatments a dermatologist may provide to reduce the appearance of acne. For example, light therapy may be used to fight bacteria, while chemical peels can help remove blackheads. Since these tend to only deliver limited results, they are best used for occasional flare-ups or to supplement other acne treatments.

5. Isotretinoin

Isotretinoin is a type of prescription medication reserved for severe cases of acne. These powerful drugs—such as Accutane®—are used to alter skin on a cellular level and can help minimize the overactive oil glands that trigger breakouts. While many experience clear skin afterwards, this method is associated with many side effects and requires careful monitoring by a doctor.

Knowing which type of acne treatment is best for you isn’t always easy, as certain ones may work better than others. That’s why Louis Luke Barich, MD, takes the time to carefully assess each patient’s condition and the potential causes behind it. In addition to assisting with prescription medications, he offers a variety of advanced skin care treatments to help minimize flare-ups and restore a healthy appearance. You can learn more about these services online, or call (513) 863-3555 to schedule an appointment at this Hamilton dermatology clinic.

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