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Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney January 29, 2018

Tribeca, Manhattan
Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney, Manhattan, New York

Whether you’ve been the victim of an auto accident, slip and fall, medical malpractice, or product defect, having a personal injury attorney on your side will go a long way towards helping you obtain fair and adequate compensation for the damages. From their expertise to the invaluable help they provide in navigating every step of the process, here are five key advantages to retaining professional legal counsel to represent your claim.

Why Enlist a Personal Injury Attorney?

1. Pay Nothing Up Front

Personal injury attorneys operate on a contingency fee basis. In other words, your attorney will not get paid unless you do. This not only alleviates you of a retainer fee but also provides your lawyer incentive to maximize your payout.

2. Increase Your Chances of a Larger Settlement

Compared to victims who attempt to negotiate claims alone, those who retain a seasoned personal injury attorney typically receive larger settlements. A lawyer will understand what your case is worth, has experience negotiating with insurance companies, and will work tirelessly to obtain the highest possible figure on your behalf.

3. Benefit From Trial Experience

Although most personal injury cases are resolved before trial, there are exceptions. Should your claim go the distance, having an attorney represent you in court will increase your odds of a favorable outcome, as they will know the best way to articulate your side, depict liability, and present the evidence.

4. Expedite the Process

personal injury attorneyManaging a personal injury claim on your own can be exhausting, stressful, and time-consuming. Handing your case over to a personal injury attorney will provide you with time to focus on other areas of your life—such as your recovery—while expediting the claims and recovery process.

5. Get Solid Evidence

The smallest bit of evidence can make a major difference in the outcome of your case. Your personal injury attorney will seek out expert investigators, eyewitnesses, and evidence from the scene of the accident to validate your account of the event. 


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