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Pearl City Carpet Company Shares How to Take Care of Different Carpet Types January 30, 2018

Pearl City, Ewa
Pearl City Carpet Company Shares How to Take Care of Different Carpet Types, Ewa, Hawaii

Many homeowners appreciate the advantages carpets offer, but some might not understand how this flooring type keeps the air in a room clean. Carpets can act as a filter, drawing down pollutants from the air and trapping them until removed when it’s cleaned. However, cleaning carpets depends on its type, and carpet companies like Bears Carpet Care in Oahu, Hawaii, use a variety of methods for cleaning.

It's a good idea to know the different types of carpeting and the ways a carpet company cleans them before choosing one for your room.

3 Types of Carpets & the Methods Used to Care for Them

1. Cut Pile

Cut pile carpets are created by cutting yarn loops to make a vertical pile. These types of carpets look more formal and luxurious. Frieze, plush, saxony, shag, velour, and velvet carpets all fall under this category.

Any carpet company will tell you that cut pile carpets are the easiest to clean. When cleaning this type of carpet, an upright cleaner with a beater bar and brush is effective, as it allows the vacuum to clean deep down to the carpet backing.

2. Loop Pile

carpet companyThis type of carpet utilizes a full loop of yarn to make a wide range of patterns and styles. The loops come in various heights. There are different kinds of loop pile carpets, like berber, heather, tweed, sisal, cord, level loop, and multi-level loop.

Regularly vacuuming a loop pile carpet helps keep it looking fresh and expands its life span. Use a cylinder cleaner with a suction head for this carpet, and never use a rotating brush to prevent snags.

3. Cut & Loop Combination

Carpets of this kind are basically a cut pile carpet with sections of loop pile integrated into it. It wears out more quickly because of the different fiber lengths. A vacuum cleaner with a flexible beater bar or brush roll is needed as it easily adjusts to the pile length.

You need a quality carpet company to clean your carpets. Bears Carpet Care is a fully licensed and insured company with more than 15 years of experience under their belt. The team offers carpet and Oriental rug cleaning, as well as furniture cleaning. Check out their website or call (808) 455-6174.

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