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3 Reasons to Enjoy Middle Eastern Food for Brunch January 30, 2018

Chelsea, Manhattan
3 Reasons to Enjoy Middle Eastern Food for Brunch, Manhattan, New York

Brunch is easily one of the most anticipated meals of the week for millions of New Yorkers who seek a little respite after a long week. When you settle in for a delicious meal at Kubeh in Manhattan, you’ll be treated to the kind of meal that will make your mouth water for more. With fresh Middle Eastern foods available on Saturday and Sunday, the restaurant takes great pride in serving up delicious food that’s as good as homemade. Here are three reasons to stop by for brunch the next time you’re in the city.

3 Reasons to Enjoy Brunch at Kubeh

1. Variety

At Kubeh, standard brunch fare is flavored with Middle Eastern spices and fresh ingredients. Classics like eggs, waffles, and avocado toast have honored spots on their menu, but they also feature pitas, chicken schnitzel, hummus, and, of course, kubeh. Beautifully seasoned with flavorful additions like fennel, mint, parsley, and red pepper, choosing Middle Eastern food for brunch can shake up your routine and enjoy a refreshingly different brunch experience.

2. Versatility

There’s something for all diets at Kubeh. Whether you follow a vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free diet, you’ll find a wide range of versatile options here for every palate. Vegetarian and vegan options aren’t limited to just one or two dishes, either; there’s more than enough to satiate picky palates. All items are clearly labeled based on dietary preference, so it’s easy to select exactly the type of Middle Eastern food that you want.

3. Beverages

Middle Eastern foodsWhat’s a great meal without a tasty beverage to wash it down? While you can choose from a glass of orange juice or a lovely cup of mint tea or coffee, you might be feeling adventurous. In that case, you may want to pair your brunch with a rosewater mint lemonade or a hot bourbon if you favor something a little stronger.

It’s nearly impossible to resist the tasty Middle Eastern food at Kubeh. Whether you’re a longtime devotee of the restaurant or a newcomer, chances are you’ll be planning your next bunch trip by the end of the meal. Visit their website to browse the menu, or give them a call at (646) 448-6688 to make a reservation.

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