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3 Benefits of Scheduling a Chimney Inspection January 30, 2018

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3 Benefits of Scheduling a Chimney Inspection, Kernersville, North Carolina

You might consider your chimney the crowning glory of your home. Not only does it add a certain aesthetic appeal, but it also serves the functional purpose of protecting your property when you use the fireplace. If you use it regularly, it’s especially important to make sure you schedule regular chimney inspections. By planning one before and after winter, you’ll ensure the structure is safe for the upcoming seasons. Below are a few reasons you shouldn’t skip a professional examination. 

Why You Need a Chimney Inspection

1. Eliminate Fire Hazards

chimney inspectionChimneys can pose a fire threat if they’re left unchecked. Most of the time,  problems occur when creosote accumulates in the flue. This is a thick, flammable substance that naturally develops when wood burns. Although you can prevent it from growing out of control by taking proper care of your chimney, creosote still occurs to some extent. As it gets thicker, embers can more easily ignite it and cause a fire. If it accumulates, the inspector will likely recommend a chimney cleaning appointment.

2. Detect Flue Problems

The lining of the chimney is known as the flue. Although it holds the important job of keeping combustibles within the chimney and venting them outside, it can become damaged due to normal deterioration from exposure to gases. The flue may also be the wrong size when it’s installed; in that case, creosote may develop faster and cause damage. During a chimney inspection, the professional will look for flue debris and other visible signs of damage.

3. Discover Unwanted Critters

It’s not unusual to discover birds in your chimney, but it’s also not easy to simply shoo them away. During a chimney inspection, a professional will examine the entire length of the unit for signs the critters caused damage to the masonry or the crown. If the bird created a nest, it could create a blockage that prevents smoke from escaping. This could prove a serious threat, as the gases could push back into the home and lead to the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning.


Before you light a fire, make sure your chimney is prepared! The team at The Chimney Sweep in Kernersville, NC, is committed to keeping your unit clean, safe, and functional. You can count on these experienced professionals to handle everything from basic chimney maintenance to repairs. Visit their website for more information, or call (336) 993-8999 to schedule a chimney inspection.

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