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5 Savory One-Pot Dinners Available at Your Local Jamaican Restaurant January 29, 2018

St. Albans, Queens
5 Savory One-Pot Dinners Available at Your Local Jamaican Restaurant, Queens, New York

Nothing quite hits the spot like Jamaican food, and if you find yourself in the Jamaica neighborhood in Queens, NY, Laten’s Restaurant & Lounge has an excellent selection of it. Their hearty meals are suitable for vegetarians, meat-lovers, and seafood enthusiasts alike—plus, you can choose how big your platter is. This way, no matter what your appetite is like that day, you’ll be satisfied at your local Jamaican restaurant. Some of the most delicious Caribbean dishes are so simple that you only need one pot to cook them in. If you’re intrigued and don’t know what to try first, there are some popular go-to options for any occasion.

5 Savory One-Pot Dinners Available at Your Local Jamaican Restaurant

1. Sweet & Sour Chicken

You’ll find this in the lunch and dinner menu at Laten’s. It consists of chicken, chopped vegetables, and sweet and sour seasonings. If you normally associate sweet and sour dishes with Chinese food, it might interest you to know that the Jamaican version dates back to when the Chinese first visited the Caribbean several centuries ago. It shares some similarities, but Jamaicans have made it their own since then.

2. Stew Peas

Jamaican restaurantThis simple meal combines kidney beans with beef, creamy coconut milk, and savory herbs for a thick, hearty paste that goes great with rice. It doesn’t have peas in it, but it gets the name because, in Jamaica, kidney beans are called red peas.

3. Curried Goat

Here is another dish that’s incredibly simple to prepare, but is also highly satisfying. It gives you lots of protein, steeped in aromatic ingredients like ginger, thyme, and curry. Goat meat is slowly gaining popularity in the United States, so if you haven’t tried it yet, this dish is an excellent introduction.

4. Beef Soup

This is a staple in Jamaican restaurants and homes, especially on “soup day,” which is often Saturday on the island of Jamaica. A savory concoction of beef broth, yam, potatoes, scallions, and other flavorful ingredients, it’s a fast and simple way to get your most important nutrients in one dish.

5. Curried Tofu

If you need a quick meal with vegan protein, consider ordering the Curry Tofu from the vegetarian section of the menu. While curried meat is a staple in Jamaican food, the spicy curry sauce is so delicious that it makes for an equally delicious vegetarian meal.

Are you hungry for a one-pot dish or fresh seafood? You’ll find the food listed above and many other savory selections at Laten's Restaurant & Lounge in Jamaica, NY. For questions, or to make a reservation, don’t hesitate to call (718) 527-0339. You can also browse the popular Jamaican restaurant’s menu online.

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