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3 Common Times You Need Winter Facility Maintenance January 26, 2018

Tipp City, Miami
3 Common Times You Need Winter Facility Maintenance, Tipp City, Ohio

Even during the coldest part of winter, you want your business to run smoothly. However, keeping the lights on in cold-temperature environments can be a bit of a battle; frigid temperatures can seriously affect your building’s wiring, leading to performance issues. Fortunately, on-call facility maintenance can get your business back in order in no time. LeVeck Lighting Products & Maintenance, based in Tipp City, OH, shares three common situations when you should call the experts.

3 Times You Need Winter Facility Maintenance

1. Electric Sign Repair

Even in extreme temperatures, you want potential customers to know that you’re open for business. However, winter weather can actually cause power supply wires to freeze, leading to unpredictable sign lighting and broken wires. Fortunately, on-call lighting professionals can efficiently assess and fix the damage as soon as possible.

2. Parking Lot Lighting

facility-maintenanceThe lighting in your parking lot is more than a matter of convenience; it plays an important role in customer safety. However, your power supply might short out due to cold weather, strains on the power grid, and frozen wires. Don’t risk walking through an icy, snow-covered parking lot without adequate lighting—reach out to facility maintenance for speedy assistance.

3. Unpredictable Lighting

Flickering lights can interfere with your productivity, and they’re a telltale sign that something is going haywire with your electrical system. For instance, ice may have built up around your underground power lines. Frozen wires are stiffer than normal, which can make them vulnerable to breakage.

This winter, you shouldn’t have to deal with damaged wires and faulty lighting. That’s why customers trust LeVeck Lighting Products & Maintenance with their lighting needs. Whether you need supplies or have questions about energy-efficient lighting, this full-service company is committed to putting the needs of their customers first. To learn more about their work, call (800) 824-3615, or visit them online today to view a full list of services.

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