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Why You Should Eat at Your Local, Family-Owned Italian Deli January 31, 2018

Greens Farms, Westport
Why You Should Eat at Your Local, Family-Owned Italian Deli, Westport, Connecticut

If you’re looking for a new place to enjoy a great meal with the whole family, look no further than your local, family-owned Italian deli. Fairfield County, CT’s favorite, Fortuna’s Deli & Caterers of Westport, says these establishments offer a surprising number of benefits for both diners and the community as a whole. Here, they list three of them.

3 Benefits of Patronizing Your Local Italian Deli

1. Support the Local Economy

When you support a locally owned deli, the money you spend goes to other area companies; in other words, it remains in the community. First, it provides a livelihood to the family who owns the eatery, meaning you’re directly contributing to the quality of life of someone who lives near you. In turn, they buy at least some of their ingredients, supplies, and equipment locally, which means you’re indirectly supporting other area businesses as well. All of this boosts the local economy.

2. Enjoy Quality Ingredients

italian deliBecause they buy their ingredients locally, when you eat at a family-owned Italian deli, you’ll enjoy a quality meal that is made with truly fresh food. This means it’s healthier for you overall and tastes better. It also opens up the possibility of unique seasonal menu options using fresh produce that is only available at certain times of the year, which gives you more delicious dishes to choose from. 

3. Eat in a Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Family businesses are a great place to take the kids or even your parents when they’re in town. They offer comfortable seating, kid-friendly menu items, and a space that’s optimized for relaxed, intimate conversations. And because the staff is small and made up of community members, the team might even learn your name and preferences after only a few visits.

In business since 1975, the family-operated Fortuna’s Deli & Caterers of Westport prides itself on offering fresh menu items and friendly service to every customer who walks through the door. The menu includes savory deli sandwiches, heroes, and wraps. You can even have the company cater your family party or event. Learn more by calling (203) 226-3587 or contacting the Italian deli online.

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