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Home Care Service Provides 5 Tips to Remember Your Medications April 24, 2018

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Home Care Service Provides 5 Tips to Remember Your Medications, Honolulu, Hawaii

Aging and sickness are often accompanied by medications of different types and dosages, and it can be difficult keeping track of them all. CareResource Hawaii in Honolulu, HI, is a home care service that provides valuable in-home assistance to the elderly. Because medication is a crucial element of ensuring someone’s wellness, it’s important not to miss a dose. When dealing with medication, consider these five tips to help individuals remember to take their medicine.

5 Tips to Help Remember Medication

Visible Pills

One of the simplest ways to help an individual remember to take their medicine is by keeping the pills in sight. While it’s essential to keep them out of small hands or curious paws, medication can be placed on the kitchen counter or dresser. Medication should also be kept away from direct sunlight and rooms with high moisture content like bathrooms or laundry rooms, as these environments can damage pills.

Use a Pill Box

home care serviceAnother quick way to remember medication is by storing it in an easy-to-use pillbox. These containers are designed for either weekly or monthly use and enable a person to place pills in small slots that are then taken at the same time every day.  Individuals can have a home care service professional assist with this task if needed.

Combine with Habits

If an individual gets up every day and brushes their teeth or makes their morning coffee, combining medication time with these habitual activities can make it easier to remember to take pills. Select a habit the individual does daily. A home care service professional that’s around your loved one often can usually identify the best habits to link with medication.

Medication Alarms

Utilizing medication alarms is another great way to help people remember to take their medication. These alarms can be a medical alert system or something as simple as a cell phone or watch notification. Individuals just need to make sure the alert is set for the appropriate time.

Check Off a Calendar

Another easy way to help individuals remember to take their medication is by purchasing a large calendar and placing it in a high-traffic room. Once a person takes their medication for the day, they simply put a check mark on the date each time the dose is required. This helps create another habit of confirming they took their medicine.

When it comes to loved ones growing older and needing help remembering medication, there are numerous methods to ease this process. The professionals at CareResource Hawaii are well-versed and familiar with the memory problems and difficulties people can experience when taking numerous medications. Individuals can learn more about home care services in Honolulu by calling 808-691-4663. Additional information on available help can be found on their website.

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