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6 Meals for Kids to Enjoy at Barefoot Island Grill Restaurant January 29, 2018

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6 Meals for Kids to Enjoy at Barefoot Island Grill Restaurant, Orange Beach, Alabama

When taking the family out to a restaurant, you want to ensure there is something on the menu for everyone. This includes picky eaters and young children alike. This is why so many families love to visit Barefoot Island Grill in Orange Beach, AL. Their options include a variety of dishes that are guaranteed to satisfy everyone.

6 Meals From the Kids’ Menu

1. Chicken Strips

restaurantYou can't go wrong with chicken. Kids can choose between preparing it breaded and deep-fried, or grilled. No matter which one they choose, they will also have a soft drink and side dish included. Whether opting for french fries or fried okra, kids will love this dish.

2. Hamburger

A classic choice for all children is the hamburger. This one comes with a pickle, a side, and, of course, a drink of their choosing. Those who love more flavor can opt for additional toppings such as lettuce, tomato, and onion.

3. Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese may be the ultimate comfort food. This is why Barefoot Island Grill includes it in their kids' menu. Your young ones will love the toasted, buttered bread and the melted cheese inside.

4. Fettuccine Alfredo

Another cheesy favorite is the fettuccine alfredo dish. This Italian meal includes a bowl full of perfectly cooked pasta flavored with a rich, creamy, cream-based sauce. No side comes with this dish, however, as it includes enough to fill any stomach up. A soft drink or water is included.

5. Corn Dog

Everyone loves a delicious corn dog from the state fair. However, it shouldn't have to be a once-a-year treat. Barefoot Island Grill serves up the best corn dogs in the area. Your young ones will beg to return just to have another taste.

6. Fried Shrimp

Seafood lovers will go crazy for the fried gulf shrimp on this kids’ menu. Not only do you get your usual side dish and drink, but a hush puppy as well.

Bring the entire family to Barefoot Island Grill tonight for a meal everyone will love. Whether you prefer seafood, sandwiches, or salad, this is the restaurant for you. Their commitment to quality, taste, and atmosphere guarantees the perfect meal. For more information about this restaurant, visit the website or call (251) 256-0055 today.

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