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PCP Alum 2006 - Laura Cooke January 18, 2018

Leicester, Addison
PCP Alum 2006 - Laura Cooke, Leicester, Vermont

Our second amazing alum we are showcasing is Laura Cooke who attended PCP in 2006, 2008, and 2009. Laura currently works as the Child Welfare Data Analyst for the Massachusetts Trial Court. While playing cello is not a part of her current occupation, she is still an avid listener, occasional practicer, and regular attendee at Boston Symphony Orchestra concerts.

Laura says, “PCP has meant so much to me for such a long time. In 2006, I was 12 years old, and had never experienced music outside of the watchful eye of my professional musician parents, and it was there that I first realized how much I loved it - it ceased being a chore. My memories there are all so fond, and many of the friendships I made are still incredibly strong and important, even so many years later.”

Laura has many favorite memories of PCP including her quartet giving the world premier of a piece written by Elliot Cless alongside the faculty quartet at a concert in Middlebury, winning cabin inspection, scaling the rafters during Grand Pause to cross the entirety of Big Red without touching the ground or her counselor noticing, and coming back for the Alumni Retreat last year.

Music is so much more than an activity for Laura. She says “It is something so deeply entwined with my identity, especially as the child of two musician parents, and even though I never really intended to pursue a career as a professional, I decided to major in Cello Performance at Vanderbilt's Blair School of Music, to honor that part of myself. Music transcends so many barriers, and allows us to connect with one another and feel things in a completely unique way.”

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