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4 Home Inspection FAQs January 30, 2018

Highland Heights, Newport-Fort Thomas
4 Home Inspection FAQs, Newport-Fort Thomas, Kentucky

A new home is one of the biggest financial investments people make. Scheduling a home inspection ensures your future property is checked for unseen problems that may be costly to remedy. Before taking this step, it’s good to know a little more about the process. Here are four frequently asked questions about home inspections. 

What to Know About Home Inspections

What Does It Cover?

States have different requirements for how thorough a new home inspection needs to be. Don’t assume the process involves mold testing or termite inspection. Ask the team to provide a detailed explanation of their process; you may want to schedule additional testing that isn’t covered under a basic inspection.

Can I Participate With the Team?  

Although you can’t perform a thorough inspection without the proper training, you should follow them throughout the process. This will give you a better understanding of what you read in their final report. Attending the inspection gives you a more tangible sense of the home’s overall condition.

Can I Skip the Inspection?

Home-Inspection-Highland-Heights-KYIt’s not advisable. Inspections reveal issues that may be costly to address. Also, in many instances, the financial lender requires a new home inspection before you can commit to buying the house.

What Happens if Problems Are Revealed?

If you haven’t entered into any sort of contract with the current homeowner yet, you can opt to walk away. If the damage is minimal, the current owner isn’t required to fix it, but they may be willing to negotiate a deal regarding the repairs that need to be made before you make a final purchase.

Buying a home is exciting, but also a major commitment. Protect yourself financially by hiring experienced professionals to thoroughly inspect it first.


If you need a home inspection in the Greater Cincinnati or Northern KY areas, contact Prior to Purchase Inspection Services, LLC. (a BBB accredited company with an A+ rating and over 30 years of home inspection and construction experience). They spend at least four hours inspecting homes, thoroughly checking both the immediately visible physical conditions and essential systems, like structural, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and exterior systems. To learn more about their services, call (859) 802-8561 or email rob@priortopurchase.com.

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