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What Pediatric Home Care Involves & How It Can Help You February 23, 2018

Rochelle Park, Bergen County
What Pediatric Home Care Involves & How It Can Help You, Rochelle Park, New Jersey

After returning home from an extended hospital or rehabilitation center stay, a child may still need regular pediatric home care. That’s why the team Stay Well Services, serving Bergen and Passaic County, NJ, offers compassionate pediatric care designed to meet the needs of families throughout the region. If your child has a condition that requires constant treatment or monitoring, this service may be ideal for you.

The Help at Home

You may not want your child spending long periods away from home. Although some conditions require extended hospital visits, there are instances in which a doctor can allow a child to return to the comfort of their home and family, as long as someone is on hand to give the necessary treatments. A pediatric RN has the qualifications to administer regular treatments, without making your child spend more time than they need to in a hospital or rehabilitation center.

What’s Included

Pediatric-Home-Care-Rochelle-Park-NJThe pediatric home care team at Stay Well Services handles a wide range of treatment needs. They administer and manage medication, screen for hypertension, monitor children with both cardiac and seizure disorders, offer tracheostomy care, perform glucose testing, tend to wounds and other skin care needs, insert and irrigate Foley catheters, manage ventilators and related devices, and monitor vitals. 

Their expertise ensures that your child receives proper medical care throughout the day. Rather than having them to spend weeks or months in a hospital bed, your child can feel comfortable at home.

To learn more about how pediatric home care will help your family, contact Stay Well Services, serving families throughout New Jersey’s Bergen and Passaic Counties. Their RNs provide an individualized approach for each patient. If you’re interested in working with the team as an RN or LPN, they’re always looking to recruit new talent. Visit them online or call (201) 254-0206 for more information about their services.

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