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Every Driver Needs These Important Auto Maintenance Items January 25, 2018

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Every Driver Needs These Important Auto Maintenance Items, Meriden, Connecticut

Everyone knows that regular auto maintenance can help extend your car’s life and help it run better. However, a majority of cars on the road aren’t operating to their full potential. A survey from the Car Care Council found that 89% of vehicles need at least one service or repair done. Not only does neglecting auto maintenance affect your car’s performance, but it can also put you or other drivers at risk while on the road.


Having an oil change done regularly is arguably one of the most important parts of auto maintenance. If you were to lift your car’s engine while it’s running, you would see pistons, valves, and several other parts moving at a high-speed. These parts frequently rub against each other to create friction that then creates heat to power your engine.

Aim to have an oil change done every 5,000 to 10,000 miles. Regular oil changes prevent too much friction from occurring, which can overheat the engine and wear parts down quickly. It also helps to improve gas mileage and remove dirt that can corrode your engine and reduce its life span.

Air Filters

Auto MaintenanceReplacing the air filter is one of the fastest and easiest auto maintenance tasks that you can perform. Your car’s filter keeps harmful debris, bugs, and other contaminants from entering your engine. When it’s clogged, you might notice your car driving more sluggishly, a reduction in gas mileage, or even an engine that frequently stalls out. Plan on changing your filter every 7,500 to 10,000 miles for peak performance.

Brake Pads

It goes without saying that having properly functioning brakes is essential to your safety while on the road. Have you noticed a scraping or grinding sound every time you stop your vehicle? This is one of the most common and obvious signs that your brake pads need to be changed.

Along with your rotors, your brake pads need to be changed periodically to continue to be effective. When you press on your brakes, your brake pads are pressed against the rotor to create friction that stops your car. When brake pads are worn, they’ll begin to scrape against your rotors and cause expensive damage. To avoid high repair costs, a regular brake pad replacement is your best option.


It always pays to be safe when it comes to auto maintenance. That’s why drivers in Meriden, CT, bring their cars into Safe Auto Service when they need any preventative care or repair work done. This auto repair shop offers one year and 12,000-mile warranties on all work performed, which includes brake repair and replacement, wheel alignment, oil changes and more. To learn more about their services, head online or give their mechanics a call today at (203) 237-4311.

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