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Why Promotional Products Make Such Great Marketing Tools January 30, 2018

Anchorage, Anchorage County
Why Promotional Products Make Such Great Marketing Tools, Anchorage, Alaska

If you’re trying to boost your business, it pays to invest in promotional products. Emblazoned with your company name, slogan, or motif, these items range from ballpoint pens to baseball caps. According to SunShine Custom Promotions, they are truly effective marketing tools. For nearly 25 years, this Anchorage, AK, company has crafted a wide variety of products to help businesses throughout the state.

promotional productsAs SunShine Custom Promotions explains, promotional products are successful because of their ubiquity. Placing your logo on everyday items keeps you in a customer’s constant periphery, creating a sense of brand loyalty. If they sip their morning coffee in a branded mug or write their to-do lists with a pen that sports your company name, they won’t forget you.

In time, this awareness can extend to a larger group of people. When they bring a company tote bag to the grocery store or with them to the post office, it will catch the attention of a potential customer. Given the nature of social media, this kind of visual exposure has a remarkable reach.

Every time a customer posts a photo with one of your promotional products and an enthusiastic note of gratitude and delight, they’re effectively representing your company. Depending on your business, this can be employed in a field of marketing known as “brand ambassadorship.”

Brand ambassadorship works best for those selling tangible products. The basic mechanics include discounts or rewards for promotional posts. For example, you may give a coupon code to your loyal customer, the brand ambassador, who then shares it on social media with their friends. When those followers use the code to make a purchase, the brand ambassador gets rewarded. Then, as friends start sharing their purchases, they can participate as ambassadors, reap the rewards, and boost your brand exponentially.

If you run an Anchorage company and are searching for promotional products to enhance your marketing efforts, call SunShine Custom Promotions today at (907) 562-4936. Whether you're looking to throw in a fun knick-knack with every purchase, tote bags to give away at trade shows, or drinkware for loyalty gifts, they can make it happen. For more contact information, visit the website.

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