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4 Advantages of Window Air Conditioners January 30, 2018

Kalihi - Palama, Honolulu
4 Advantages of Window Air Conditioners, Honolulu, Hawaii

While the climate in Hawaii is fairly mild year-round, there are many days you want cool relief from the tropical temperatures. For those times, you can install window units to regulate the temperature in each room. Below are a few reasons these units continue to be so popular.

4 Benefits of Using a Window Units to Air Condition Your Home

1. Low Cost

If you want air conditioning, window units are probably your least expensive option. Because you’re only buying a small unit, you don’t have to put in any ductwork, which results in a drastically lower cost.

2. Easy to Install

As the name implies, this type of air conditioner is installed in a window, which means you can skip the cost of professional installation. Each window unit comes with instructions, so nearly every homeowner can install it on their own. You may need someone to help lift and place the unit, but it should be a quick process.

3. Energy Efficient

window unitsWindow air conditioners are extremely energy efficient. Instead of traveling through ductwork like central systems, they blow the cool air directly into the room. A window unit also uses less power than other alternatives, which is good news for your electric bill.

4. Small Footprint & Portability

Window units are great for small apartments and tiny homes. They don’t take up extra floor space, and they are portable. So if you move to a new home, you can take the window air conditioner with you instead of purchasing a new one.


If you’re interested in window units or want to explore other ductless cooling options, American Air Conditioning can help. This HVAC contractor specializes in air conditioning installation and repair in Honolulu, HI, and surrounding areas. This locally owned business is proud to service residential and commercial customers with high-quality equipment and the know-how to keep it running. Visit the website for more information or call (808) 847-0851 to schedule an appointment. 

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