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Click here for 10 easy ways to save on your winter utilities!!.... January 17, 2018

Forked River,
Click here for 10 easy ways to save on your winter utilities!!...., Forked River, New Jersey

Tip #1 Lower your water heater.  Most water heaters are preset to 140 degrees, if you turn your tank down to 120 degrees you will potentially save up to 40%!

Tip #2 Childproof your outlets.  Have you ever held your hand in front of an electrical outlet on a cold winters day?  It’s amazing how much air comes through.  Even newer homes have this problem.  An easy fix is to purchase childproof electric plugs for all of your outlets.

Tip #3 Check windows for leaks.  It is said that 20-30% of a home’s heat escapes through our windows.  Make sure windows are locked, covered in blinds or curtains.  If you still have a problem you can fill a sock with rice as a draft stopper!

Tip #4 Replace your furnace filter.  Clean filters help extend the life of your furnace and also reduces allergies.

Tip #5 Use the sun.  Let the sun shine in and use the free heat!

Tip #6 Use ceiling fans to move warm air.  Fans are for more than just keeping cool.  Use your ceiling fans on low and run them counter clockwise to bring rising heat back down.

Tip #7 Close off unused rooms.  If you have rooms you don’t use often such as an office or spare room, why heat it?  Not only should you keep the door closed, but close the heating vents as well.  This will force more of your heated air in to heavily used rooms.

Tip #8 Check under doors.  Cold drafts can come under doors.  Use several draft socks as mentioned in Tip #3 and cover the base of doorways. 

Tip #9 Use your oven!  This is a dual purpose tip.  Not only are filling your freezer with treats for company or just for fun but you are also heating up your house.

Tip #10 Turn that thermostat down. Not nearly as fun but a great cost saver that can really save some big money on winter utilities.  If you have a programmable thermostat you can turn your furnace down while you sleep and set it to warm up before you wake.  You can also go a step further and reduce the temp by a few degrees and put on a sweatshirt and warm socks.

We hope you find these tips helpful!!  Call ADE Heating and Cooling at 609-693-6050 for all of your heating and cooling needs!

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