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3 Factors That Determine Whether You Need Windshield Chip Repairs January 25, 2018

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3 Factors That Determine Whether You Need Windshield Chip Repairs, Cottonport, Louisiana

When it comes to auto glass, windshields are the first and strongest layer of protection between a driver and the outside elements. When the screen is hit with a rock or chipped in a minor accident, it can be easy to forego repairs if the damage is contained to a small area. Chip repairs, however, are crucial for maintaining the integrity of the glass and play a major role in minimizing the spread of damage.

How to Tell You Need Windshield Chip Repairs

1. Size

A chip the size of a quarter or smaller can be patched up easily. Chip repairs for small cracks can be completed with a bit of plastic resin. If the chip is larger, it’s likely your auto glass specialists will recommend that you replace the glass entirely to keep it from growing into a large crack.

2. Location

chip repairsThe location of the chip plays a role in whether it can be patched up. Chips that occur on the side of the glass or directly in the driver’s line of sight pose a serious safety risk and are likely to grow with continued use. If the chip happened on center or the passenger’s side and is small enough, a technician can patch up the blemish without replacing the glass.

3. Severity 

If there is only one chip and it’s small enough not to interfere with your vision from inside the car, a simple repair job is appropriate. However, if the crack is large or has spread any amount since the first time you noticed it, replace the windshield. In any case, it’s wise not to take your chances with chip repairs as they can worsen with time and will eventually shatter. If you can’t make the distinction on your own, bring the car in for a professional inspection before driving it around town again.


When you’re dealing with broken auto glass, there is no time to waste. Drivers in Cottonport, LA, can count on Mike’s Glass & Tinting to provide an educated diagnosis of the problem and affordable chip repairs. With more than 25 years of experience, they have worked with glass damage of all kinds and are qualified to offer repair and replacement services. For more help, visit them online or call (318) 876-3893 today.

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