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River Valley Air Conditioning has expanded their business and is currently operating from two locations. Duane "Tiger" Kramer, the oldest grandson is the general manager of the Needles, CA. branch which covers the tri-state area of California, Arizona and Nevada.

4 Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your Heating System January 24, 2018

Needles, San Bernardino
4 Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your Heating System, Needles, California

No heating system lasts forever, so it’s important to make sure your equipment is ready to meet your needs this season. An outdated system won’t provide enough warmth to keep your home comfortable, and it can even increase utility costs. Fortunately, knowing how to recognize common performance issues makes it easier to upgrade your HVAC system before it breaks down. 

4 Signs You Need a New Heating System

1. Age

Heating and cooling systems last between 15 and 25 years, but efficiency standards can change drastically in that much time. Older systems have to work much harder to provide the heat you need, which causes energy bills to skyrocket. They can also release dust and debris, decreasing indoor air quality. Once your heater reaches the 15-year mark, get an inspection. If it’s not operating as well as it used to, an upgrade will save you money in the long term.

2. Underperformance

heating Kingman AZYour HVAC system should always function at peak capacity, providing optimal heating and cooling all year long. If the temperature fluctuates, then the heater most likely has a blockage or leak that can shorten its life span. While emergency repairs will fix minor performance issues, they won’t restore the system to its original performance levels. If inconsistent temperatures are a persistent issue, then it’s time to upgrade.

3. Unusual Sounds & Smells

A heater that suddenly makes clanking or grinding sounds is experiencing significant mechanical problems that can cause it to burn out. Smells are also signs that the equipment in trouble, with foul or moldy odors being the most common. These issues should be inspected quickly, as they are often related to substances like mildew that can decrease indoor air quality and trigger respiratory health problems. 

4. Frequent Repairs

HVAC repairs are costly, but they’re also rare under normal circumstances. If your heating system is functioning properly, then it should only need routine maintenance. Frequent calls for emergency service are a clear sign of a problem. Since the costs of constant repairs add up quickly, a replacement will be much cheaper in the long run.


If it’s time for a heating system upgrade, then turn to River Valley Air Conditioning of Kingman, AZ, and Needles, CA. These HVAC experts will help you find the right heater to improve your home’s comfort level and air quality. The heating and cooling professionals handle installations, repairs, and efficiency testing to ensure the equipment is working properly. Visit their website for more information about their maintenance options, and call the Kingman office at (760) 326-3020, or the Needles location at (928) 718-2520, to schedule service.

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