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3 Differences Between Furnace & Boiler Heating Systems February 1, 2018

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3 Differences Between Furnace & Boiler Heating Systems, New Britain, Connecticut

Choosing the best heating system for your home comes down to understanding the advantages that each option offers. The two most common systems are furnaces and boilers, and each differs in its method of operation. Furnaces use forced air to create heat while boilers use water or steam to circulate heat. Boiler installation tends to be more expensive than furnace installation, but each system has its benefits. Below, is a list of helpful comparisons to give you more insight into your options.

Heating Systems: 3 Differences Between Furnaces & Boilers

1. Heat Source

Heating SystemsBoilers and furnaces are both effective heating systems, though they work in different ways. A furnace heats the air by pushing it through your home’s duct system. Boilers, which are also called water heaters, use water to transfer steam heat before distributing it through radiators, coils, or radiant floor systems. 

2. Noise Level

A boiler typically doesn’t produce noise unless there is a maintenance problem. Furnaces produce a moderate amount of noise during normal operation, depending on the size and the brand. The furnace blower has to force a lot of air through the duct system, which can create noticeable sound.

3. Energy Efficiency

Furnaces and boilers both use gas, electricity, or oil to generate heat. Boilers, on average, use less fuel that furnaces, which can result in lower energy costs. Heating systems that run on a continuous pilot light are less efficient because they take more energy to heat your home. If you have the option, choose a boiler or furnace that has an electric ignition instead of a standing pilot light. Electric ignition heat systems will significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions and utilize less energy.


Choosing a new heating system for your home or learning more about your existing system will help you stay on top of regular maintenance. The specialists at Rutkowski Plumbing & Heating provide installation and heating repair services throughout the greater New Britain, CT, area. Call (860) 223-8569 to schedule an appointment, or visit their website to discover how furnace repair or water heater replacement can warm your home more efficiently.

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