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Why You Shouldn’t Halt Your Pet’s Heartworm Medication During Winter Months January 24, 2018

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Why You Shouldn’t Halt Your Pet’s Heartworm Medication During Winter Months, Perry, Georgia

Heartworm disease is a very serious, potentially fatal condition that is transmitted to dogs and cats through mosquito bites. Since peak mosquito season roughly falls between April and October, many pet owners mistakenly stop administering heartworm medication in the winter. While the threat of infection may significantly decrease during these months, pet care experts say the risk isn’t worth it.

Is Heartworm Medication Necessary for Pet Care in the Winter? 

Unpredictable Mosquito Seasons

Especially in a warmer state like Georgia, pet care professionals strongly recommend staying on top of your heartworm medication year-round. Experts point out that it’s not possible to know when the last mosquitos of the season will die; thus, there’s no sensible time to cease treatment. Given Georgia’s lengthy and unpredictable mosquito seasons as of late, halting medication means risking your pet’s well-being.

Further Risks Associated With Infection

pet-careOnce an infected mosquito bites the animal’s flesh, the worms dig into the heart, lungs, and blood vessels and continue to reproduce, leading to serious consequences. Despite the pain that an animal may be in during this time, the pet may not exhibit any visible symptoms, which leaves the owner completely oblivious.

If a pet becomes infected and the owner resumes medication thereafter, the pet may be in even more severe danger. Pets taking preventive medication who become infected with heartworms may go into a state of shock as a result of the extreme numbers of parasite offspring dying in the body. Sometimes, preventive medication can actually kill an infected pet, which is why all animals need to be tested before beginning treatment.


To keep your pet protected from heartworms, continue treatment year-round. To learn more about medication options for your pet, consult the knowledgeable veterinarians from Perry Animal Hospital. The experienced team offers premier pet care services to dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, goats, and other small animals. To learn more about the animal hospital, visit the website. You can also call a helpful professional at (478) 224-7387.

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