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4 Activities to Supplement Your Child's Speech Therapy January 24, 2018

Aiea, Ewa
4 Activities to Supplement Your Child's Speech Therapy, Ewa, Hawaii

If your child is in speech therapy, it can be helpful for them to continue their progress at home, outside of therapy sessions. Child speech therapy activities give you an opportunity to help your child further develop their speech and language skills. The child care team at Sounds Of Success: Preschool and Learning Center, located in Aiea, HI, discusses some at-home activities you can do that supplement your child’s in-class progress.

Four Practices That Supplement Child Speech Therapy

1. Speak Slowlychild speech therapy

When talking to your child, it’s important to keep your language as simple as possible and to speak slowly. Use a comforting tone of voice and speak face-to-face to keep them engaged. If your child does not say certain words correctly, say them back the right way so they understand.

2. Engage in Child-Directed Play

Playing is a beneficial activity for your child because it is a fun way to build their communication skills. Have your child direct the playtime activities and follow along with them. This type of play helps your child gain confidence in a non-stressful social setting.

3. Read Together

Reading books together is a great way to complement your child’s speech therapy and help their language skills at the same time. Each time you read with your child, you help their brain develop. Have them name objects in a book or read aloud to strengthen their verbal skills.

4. Teach Manners Early

When children are taught good manners, they learn that other people matter and should be treated with respect. Model positive behavior for your children to help them know how to behave in different situations. Giving positive attention to good manners helps to reinforce the behavior.

Sounds Of Success: Preschool and Learning Center has a team of licensed speech-language pathologists to help your children reach their full potential in a nurturing daycare environment. Give them a call at (808) 488-2211 to speak to a child speech therapy professional. You can also visit them online to learn more about their child care services.