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West Springfield Furnace Repair Expert Shares 3 Tips for Keeping Your System Healthy This Winter January 25, 2018

Springfield, Erie
West Springfield Furnace Repair Expert Shares 3 Tips for Keeping Your System Healthy This Winter, Springfield, Pennsylvania

A well-maintained furnace can help keep your home comfortable all winter long. While staying current with professional furnace repairs and maintenance is a must for keeping your system running as it should, there are some tips every homeowner should know that can improve the health of their system. Adams Heating & Cooling in West Springfield, PA, is a leading contractor that has helped area residents maintain their heating systems since 1998. According to their team of specialists, a little oversight can go a long way in extending the life of your furnace.

How to Keep Your Heating System Working Through the Winter

1. Replace Your Filter Regularly

Air filters help trap dirt, dust, and allergens before they reach your furnace. A clean furnace runs better and is more efficient than a dirty one, which is why you should replace your filter every three months, or more frequently if you have pets. New filters also allow your furnace to run easier, which cuts down on excess strain that can wear your system out.

2. Be Mindful of Your Thermostat Settings

furnace repairYour thermostat controls how hard your furnace works to heat your home. Although you want to be comfortable, there are times when you can cut down on your energy use and save the strain on your system by setting your thermostat to a lower temperature. Consider lowering the temperature when you’re at work or sleeping. You can even have a furnace repair technician install a programmable thermostat to give you better control of your system when you’re away.

3. Don’t Ignore Common Warning Signs

Pay attention to the sounds your furnace makes. Often, your furnace will give off warning signs when there is a problem. If you’re hearing unusual banging or clicking noises, it could indicate a bent fan blade, broken radiator, electrical failure, or even a leak. Ignoring these signs can lead to furnace breakdowns and other problems.

Every homeowner should pay attention to the performance of their furnace to increase its longevity and keep it performing at peak efficiency. If you’ve spotted unusual warning signs, contact the furnace repair specialists at Adams Heating & Cooling in Erie County for proper maintenance. For more information on their HVAC services, call them at (814) 922-7786 or visit them online.

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