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How to Know When to Replace Your Water Filter January 24, 2018

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How to Know When to Replace Your Water Filter, Tazewell, Tennessee

A water filter offers many benefits, as it promotes healthy and safe drinking water. For example, these filters are designed to reduce the hardness of the water you drink, filtering out minerals like calcium. And, to keep them functioning well, it’s important to replace your filter as often as necessary. Yet, many homeowners miss some obvious signs that indicate it needs to be replaced.

The Top 3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Water Filter

1. Taste & Smell

If you begin to detect an odor in the water – or if it tastes strange – you likely need to replace the filter. Minerals or other substances that enter your water supply likely cause this change in smell and taste. Thankfully, a simple replacement is all you need to maintain a fresh and delicious taste.

2. Manufacturer Guidelines

water filterYou should also keep track of your manufacturer’s guidelines. For example, most manufacturers recommend that you replace the filter every six months. Over time, the filter itself will become clogged with particulates and substances. As a result, it becomes less effective at providing fresh water. If more than the recommended time has passed, you’re likely overdue for a replacement.

3. Low Pressure

Finally, if the filter becomes clogged from an excess of elements or mineral deposits, you’ll notice a drop in water pressure. When this happens, it will likely take much longer to fill your glass than usual – and you should replace the filter as soon as possible.


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