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What Are the Most Common Genetic Tests? January 28, 2018

Artesia, Eddy
What Are the Most Common Genetic Tests?, Artesia, New Mexico

Genetic testing has become a popular method for uncovering factors about your body and family history. According to the staff at Artesia Drug and Alcohol Screening in Eddy County, NM, you should familiarize yourself with several basic genetic tests. Below is a brief guide to the most common tests they administer every year.

3 Common Genetic Tests

1. Paternity & Sibling

DNA paternity testing is one ofgenetic testing the most commonly used among single parents and couples dealing with paternity disputes. By analyzing DNA from the child and alleged parents, lab technicians identify correlations in specific DNA regions to prove paternity. It’s also one of the most cost-effective genetic testing options available. A similar method is also used to determine sibling relations by comparing DNA from the two subjects.

2. Ancestry

Many people lack definitive evidence about their ancestry, complete ethnic profile, and country of origin. Mail-in genetic testing has become especially popular for determining this. By analyzing DNA and genetic code, technicians can determine a complete profile of a person’s ethnicity broken down into percentages, which can then be applied to other aspects of ancestry.

3. Drug-Gene

Everyone’s body responds differently to medication, and it’s imperative it’s successfully absorbed into your system. To confirm, lab technicians may regularly perform drug-gene tests to determine how well your genes are processing the medication. This will help your physician determine if they should increase or decrease your dose, or if they should change your medication.

If you’re interested in exploring genetic testing options, turn to Artesia Drug and Alcohol Screening. They offer a variety of options, including alcohol and drug testing, and are committed to providing accurate, reliable results. Call (575) 746-3404 today to schedule an appointment, and visit their website and Facebook to learn more about their services.

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