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Gutter Maintenance Experts Discuss Downspouts January 26, 2018

Hamilton, La Crosse County
Gutter Maintenance Experts Discuss Downspouts, Hamilton, Wisconsin

Have you ever considered the importance of a downspout? While these are found on countless houses and buildings across the nation, it’s not often recognized how vital they are to ensuring water doesn’t collect on the roof. Since understanding the various components and practicing regular gutter maintenance are the simplest ways to detect issues before they get out of hand, below is a brief discussion of what a downspout is and why it’s so important to have one on your structure.

What Is a Downspout?

Downspouts are the long, metal tubes attached to the end of each gutter. They are constructed out of aluminum and come in a variety of lengths to suit the structure they’re connected to.

While gutters are installed horizontally below the edge of the roof, downspouts are generally placed at the lower end and secured in a vertical position. This allows for the water to flow right off the roof, into the gutter, and through the downspout, where it gets funneled away from the foundation.

Why Are They Necessary?

gutter maintenanceGutter maintenance experts say without downspouts, there’s no other way to direct rain away from the structure. If there were no downspouts, the runoff would run right over the edge of the roof and spill into the dirt around the foundation. This would begin the process of erosion, which would eventually create a deep trench. Water would then gather here and work its way into the basement. Plus, the constant exposure to moisture would cause your foundation to deteriorate and could jeopardize the structure’s stability.

Having multiple downspouts stationed around your building ensures the water is safely channeled away from the foundation and deposited onto a nearby sidewalk or driveway. This will provide an opportunity for the flow to drain into the street without damaging the surrounding environment.


If you’re interested in learning more about how your home or building will benefit from a seamless gutter system and properly placed downspouts, set up an appointment with Advanced Seamless of West Salem, WI. These professionals provide some of the finest solutions in the industry and are considered to be the region’s leading experts in gutter maintenance and replacement. They understand the need to protect your property and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about their products. Call (608) 786-2929 to talk directly with a representative, or visit their website for additional information.

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