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5 Tips for Preparing a Fire Safety Plan February 6, 2018

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5 Tips for Preparing a Fire Safety Plan , Evergreen, Montana

One of the most important steps you can take to protect your loved ones and your property during an emergency is to have a plan. When smoke or fire puts your family and home in danger, you want to ensure everyone gets out safely. Below are five tips for preparing a plan to keep everyone out of harm’s way and prevent fire damage to your home.

How to Prepare a Fire Safety Plan

1. Make Clear Paths

Always keep exits free of obstacles. Windows and doors are escape routes during an emergency and should never have obstructions that could prohibit someone from getting out quickly. Make sure each family member knows at least two clear escape routes from every room in case fire damage blocks one of the exits.

2. Install Smoke Detectors

Each level of your home should have a functioning smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector. Every sleeping area should also have its own set. Alarms can be interconnected so all systems go off when one is triggered, alerting the entire household of trouble. Check your batteries monthly to make sure the detectors are working.

3. Have a Meeting Place

fire damageHave a pre-planned meeting area a safe distance from your home so every family member can head there during an emergency and stay far away from smoke or fire damage. Make sure the location is easy to find, such as a light post, stop sign, or a neighbor’s front porch. Remind everyone of the location, particularly young children, so they automatically go there if you are separated.

4. Designate Help

If you have infants, elderly family members, or loved ones with limited mobility, assign someone to help them during trouble. Designate a backup helper in case the primary person is unable to get to them or isn’t present during the incident.

5. Practice

Practice your plan at least twice a year to keep the details fresh in everyone’s mind. Rehearse how to find escape routes, meet at your safe location, and make sure everyone knows how to call for help from their cell phones. If you have escape ladders or windows with security features, ensure everyone in your home knows how to operate them so they can do it with ease during an emergency. Also, practice closing doors behind you as this can slow the spread of fire and smoke damage.


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