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Dentist Offers Advice on Keeping Oral Health Resolutions in 2018 January 23, 2018

Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
Dentist Offers Advice on Keeping Oral Health Resolutions in 2018, Cincinnati, Ohio

With 2018 underway, people have already set their resolutions for the New Year. From eating healthier to exercising more, there are a number of different ways to improve your health this year–including your oral health. Dentist Dr. Robert Petrtyl in Cincinnati, OH, provides many important services to keep smiles looking and feeling good. Below, they list some ways to stick to your hygiene goals.

Committing to Resolutions With Help From Cincinnati’s Top Dentist 

1. Visit the Dentist

dentistOne of the easiest ways for someone to keep their New Year’s dental resolution is to schedule an appointment with their dentist. Even if they’re not currently experiencing any oral issues, it’s best practice to have your teeth cleaned and checked twice a year. This allows the dentist time to look for any potential problem areas, professionally clean the person’s teeth, and discuss any concerns or questions you might have.

2. Brush & Floss Twice a Day

Brush and floss at least twice a day–ideally in the morning and at night–if not more. It’s also a good idea to brush and rinse your mouth after meals or small snacks. This not only keeps teeth clean, but also removes any trapped food in between the teeth that can lead to plaque or decay.

3. Adopt a Healthy Diet

Focus on eating a diet rich in lean protein and vegetables. Additionally, vitamins like calcium aren’t just good for the body, they also strengthen teeth! Fruit can be incorporated into a healthy diet as well, but individuals need to watch the sugar and acidic content in these products to ensure they’re not overdoing it.

Residents of Cincinnati looking to step up their oral hygiene in 2018 can call Dr. Robert Petrtyl at (513) 554-4657 to schedule an appointment. The professionals at this office are experts in dental care and maintenance. To learn more about the services they provide, visit the dentist office’s website.

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