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How a Birthday Gift Card Mailer Brings New Customers to Your Restaurant February 26, 2018

Northeast Cobb, Cobb
How a Birthday Gift Card Mailer Brings New Customers to Your Restaurant, Northeast Cobb, Georgia

Between the pleasure of eating good food, belonging among good company and friendly service, and the relaxation of being taken care of, a restaurant offers an experience. Some customers will seek out your restaurant’s experience directly, but the rest are just waiting for an invitation: something personalized, enticing, direct. Gift card mailers deliver your audience an offer they can’t ignore. Here’s why they’re so effective.


GiftGift Card Mailers card mailers can be sent to every household within one to three miles of your restaurant. This targets people who have likely heard of your restaurant in some capacity or already been to it. The gift card mailer functions as an invitation they can’t ignore. A bolded Happy Birthday message with their name, appealing image of food, and offer of 20 percent catch their attention, and next thing they know, they’re looking into your restaurant.

If they like what they find, they’re a sure sell.

If they’re not convinced, the gift card will take them there—here’s why.


A gift card isn’t just about offering a discount.

This gift card mailer walks them to the door of your restaurant and opens the door. Consider the offer they’re getting: a reason to continue celebrating their birthday, a cheaper way to do so, and the ability to satisfy their curiosity all in one package. Not to mention, you’re giving your future diner that special feeling of receiving a gift—if your restaurant creates that kind of feeling, who wouldn’t want to eat there?


With a gift card mailer, you’re initiating a new relationship. A kind gesture is the perfect way to start it off. After they enjoy lunch or dinner at your restaurant, you’re sure to have a new customer; your restaurant is extremely close, and you’ll have their trust. They’ll also encourage neighbors who receive the same offer to take you up on it. Send the offer out every year and guarantee yourself regular patronage.


When a customer receives a gift card mailer from Impact Mailers, they’re greeted by a sleek image tested and perfected to hold their attention. By simply mailing a gift card, you can initiate a relationship that lasts a lifetime. Call Impact Mailers today at (888) 983-2250 or visit their website to deliver your restaurant’s perfect invitation.

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