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Would Your Property Pass an Electrician's Safety Inspection? January 24, 2018

Pico Rivera, Whittier
Would Your Property Pass an Electrician's Safety Inspection?, Whittier, California

Residential and commercial electrical systems are comprised of complex networks of wires, fixtures, and additional components. A problem with one part can affect the entire wiring scheme, jeopardizing the system’s safety and performance. Scheduling an inspection with your electrician is the best way to identify and repair minor issues before they become dangerous. Here’s what you need to know about what electricians look for during these checks.

How to Tell Whether Your Property Would Pass a Safety Inspection

Do You Have Outdated Equipment?

Plugging in too many devices in power strips or wall sockets at once could drain more electricity than your system can handle. When old equipment overheats, it’s more susceptible to fire and additional problems. Outdated wiring is often to blame for persistent power outages and property fires, and old fire detection equipment might not be up to the task of alerting you to a problem. 

What Types of Light Fixtures Do You Have?

electrician Pico Rivera CAExposed incandescent lights are often installed in the closets and storage spaces of older homes. The lights turn on using a pull-chain fixture and generate a lot of heat because they aren’t covered. If flammable objects like clothing, sheets, and towels are near the bulbs, then they could catch on fire. Both the exposed bulb and chain will count against your property’s safety. The electrician will recommend replacing the units with wall switches.

Is the Wiring Overcrowded?

Electrical wiring requires a lot of room to prevent overheating. When too many wires are confined in closed spaces, they could rub together and spark a fire. Electricians check for overcrowding and provide rewiring suggestions to make the system safer to operate.


If you need electrical repairs to pass a safety check, then let the skilled electricians at Michael Lawrence Electric in Pico Rivera, CA, help. This team is backed by more than 15 years of experience, so you can trust them to know what your commercial or residential electrical equipment needs to be deemed safe. To schedule a consultation in the Los Angeles County area, call (213) 591-0829. Visit the company online for additional service details.

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