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5 Reasons Pizza Is a Crowd-Pleaser January 26, 2018

West Haven, New Haven County
5 Reasons Pizza Is a Crowd-Pleaser, West Haven, Connecticut

Have you ever wondered why pizza is such a big hit with crowds? Prized for its portability, slices don’t require a plate and can suit your entire party’s tastes. Here are five reasons everyone loves this treat, and why you should order a pie or two for your next event. 

5 Reasons Everyone Loves Pizza

1. Customizable  

Everyone is different, which is why the extra banana peppers you love might not be right for your friend prone to heartburn. Fortunately, pizza is easy to customize, giving everyone the chance to enjoy exactly what they want. 

2. Convenient pizza

Forget about making dinner and cleaning up the mess. Another reason people love pizza is the fact that it is incredibly convenient as many restaurants offer easy online and phone orders. 

3. Versatile

Whether you love a slice piled high with veggies or stacked with smoked meats, pizza is a delicious addition to any meal. Used as either an appetizer, a main course, or sometimes as a late-night snack, it easily supplements lighter dishes. 

4. Satisfying

Since pizza often carries multiple food groups, people tend to find it satisfying, which can help you to cut down on your food costs during an event. With a chewy crust, melty cheese, soft vegetables, and a variety of meats, your guests can fill up on a slice or two while you relax and enjoy the party. 

5. Unifying

Pizza is designed for sharing, creating opportunities to gather the people closest to you. Perfect for office parties, family reunions, and basic get-togethers with friends, pizza brings people together in a way that other foods can’t. 


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