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3 Common Myths About Motels—Debunked January 27, 2018

Clarksville, Red River
3 Common Myths About Motels—Debunked, Clarksville, Texas

Motels haven’t always had a good reputation in popular culture, but once you get past the myths, you’ll see them for the affordable and comfortable accommodations they are. Furthermore, every motel is different—there are no hard and fast rules concerning the quality of your motel stay and how it compares with other options. So the next time you’re considering making a motel booking, for yourself or for your family, don’t let these myths stand in your way.

Debunking Common Motel Myths

1. Motels Are Too Far From Town

Many people think it’s impossible to find an affordable motel room near attractions or city centers, but this is only true some of the time. More likely, though, is that you’ll find a motel room in a quieter part of town with less traffic. This would make it a cozier stay and closer to popular attractions.

2. Motels Don’t Have Good Amenities

motelPeople sometimes imagine motels as sparse establishments that don’t even have Wi-Fi. This isn’t true at all. Many of them include complementary internet access, or even kitchenettes with mini-fridges. Every motel has different perks, so you shouldn’t rule out the possibility that yours might have some great ones.

3. Motel Rooms Are Dirtier

This is false. As long as they’re serviced by a quality motel staff, rooms are perfectly clean and acceptable. You should expect nothing less from anywhere you pay to stay, even if it’s relatively inexpensive. If a room fails to meet your expectations, this is the individual motel’s fault—not something reflective of all motels.


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