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What You Need to Know When Buying Fresh Seafood January 23, 2018

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What You Need to Know When Buying Fresh Seafood, Bon Secour, Alabama

Fresh seafood is flavorful and filled with beneficial nutrients, making it an ideal ingredient for healthy, satisfying meals. While many people feel comfortable ordering seafood in a restaurant, they’re not always sure what to look for in the market. This guide will help you identify the freshest, most delicious catch.

5 Tips for Buying Fresh Seafood

1. Avoid Strong Smells

Some people are hesitant to buy fish because they worry that it will smell. Recently caught fish has a light, briny odor that is similar to the ocean. If it has an overwhelming pungent or bitter smell, then it might not be fresh.

2. Watch for the Wet Look  

fresh seafoodThere are many visual cues that can help you determine whether seafood is worth your money. Avoid any products that are dry and soft. If the fish is already cut, then it should be firm and moist with bright red gills. If it is intact, then look for shiny scales, supple tails, and clear eyes.

3. Keep Shrimp Heads On

If you’re shopping for shrimp, then buy them whole instead of precleaned. Leaving the head and shell on helps the fresh seafood retain its moisture and freshness.

4. Avoid Grocery Stores

Although grocery store seafood is plentiful, it can often be bland. These stores usually source their fish from bulk suppliers, which means the product was most likely frozen and shipped from someplace far away. Seafood markets and independent fishmongers, on the other hand, can deliver a healthier, fresher product because they buy from local fishing crews.

5. Get Home Quickly

After making your seafood selection, head straight home and store the fish properly. Leaving it in a warm environment, such as a car or kitchen counter, for too long will make the meat spoil.


If you’re craving a fresh seafood dinner, then let the experts at Billy’s Seafood in Bon Secour, AL, help you find the right varieties and recipes. They offer a wide selection of locally caught shrimp, red snapper, flounder, oysters, and crabs. Their catch is brought in daily, so you can be certain it is the freshest product available. Visit the seafood market online to learn about their selection, and call (251) 949-6288 to place an order.

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