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Brooklyn Movers Share 3 Tips for Staying Organized During Your Next Move January 24, 2018

East New York, Brooklyn
Brooklyn Movers Share 3 Tips for Staying Organized During Your Next Move, Brooklyn, New York

Moving is an exciting process, but it is easy to focus on your new home instead of packing up the old one. If you would describe your last move as disorganized or rushed, use these tips from the team at Barry’s Moving for a better experience this time. The Brooklyn, NY-based movers offer local and nationwide moving and packing services to help you stay organized.

Top 3 Organization Tips From Local Movers

1. Sort First

Start sorting everything in your home well before your move date. Donate what you don’t need to area thrift shops and organizations, and give old blankets and towels to pet and homeless shelters. You can also have friends and family come over to pick what they want from the pile before having a garage sale. Remember, if you have not used something in over a year and it would be useful to another person, get rid of it.

2. Pack by Room

Pack boxes by room to ease unloading later. Focus on one or two rooms at a time, and make sure you keep each room’s contents within the space to avoid confusion and missing items. Label each box so it is moved from the truck to directly into the correct room at your new place.

3. Hire Professional Movers

moversProfessional movers offer years of experience and know how to make your move as efficient as possible. You will not have to wait for a friend with a big truck or rent and return a moving van after a long day. Work with fully licensed and bonded movers to protect yourself and your belongings.

Whether you require a local or long-distance move, count on the professional movers at Barry’s Moving. Their licensed and bonded team has 28 years of experience, and they can make moving day as seamless as possible. Secure document storage is also available for your convenience. Call (917) 295-2649 for a free written estimate or visit the website for more service information.