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Home Insurance Experts Offer 4 Winter Safety Tips February 6, 2018

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Home Insurance Experts Offer 4 Winter Safety Tips, Charles Town, West Virginia

With its freezing temperatures, winter can create dangerous situations at home. Having a reliable home insurance policy in place is a strong, proactive measure in case accidents do occur. However, there are several steps you can take to prevent hazards during the cold season and keep your family safe.

4 Winter Tips to Keep Homes Safe

1. Plumbing

To keep plumbing from freezing, wrap insulation around the pipes. This will keep them consistently warm when the temperatures drop. Have a plumber check for rust spots, leaks, and cracks, so the necessary repairs can be done. Locate your home's water shutoff valve in case you need to turn it off during an emergency situation. Standard home insurance policies will pay for damages caused by plumbing accidents.

2. Landscaping

Take the time to trim back tree branches to prevent them from damaging roofs and other property structures. Brisk winter winds can also cause branches to fall on power lines, which can lead to electricity outages. An experienced tree trimmer is a good source for the safe removal of risky branches.

3. Roofs & Gutters

home insuranceThe winter season is notorious for exposing undiagnosed problems in roofs and gutters. Have both structures inspected for leaks, weak spots, and other signs of damage. Remove leaves, rocks, twigs and other debris from gutters to ensure snow and ice can easily flow away from your home. The good news is, most home insurance policies will cover roof damage in the event damage does still occur, even with preventative care.

4. Space Heaters

To prevent fires, take extra precautions when using space heaters. Turn off the units when you leave the room, house, and when you're asleep. Keep the space heaters at least three feet away from curtains, furniture, and other items that can catch fire. Also, strongly consider investing in a unit with an automatic shut-off valve to minimize the risks of an emergency.


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