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3 Essential Facts to Know About Alaskan Halibut January 26, 2018

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3 Essential Facts to Know About Alaskan Halibut, Juneau, Alaska

Alaskan Halibut is a meaty flatfish, hailing from the cold waters of the North Pacific. Halibut fishing is a rich and storied pastime that has become a thriving practice for sustenance fishers, as well as for commercial and sport fishers. Learn more about this large flatfish, its habits, and its environs for the next time you take out a fishing charter.

Alaskan Halibut: 3 Key Facts

1. Habitat

Halibut FishingAs a member of the Flounder Family, halibut is a flatfish found on the continental shelf in the waters of the North Pacific. While its range centers predominately on the coastal waters of Alaska and the Bering Straight, they are known to be as far-ranging as Japan and Southern California. The season for fishing halibut in Alaska is roughly the summer months, May through September.

2. Life Span

When halibut fishing, it’s important to get a sense for the size differentials you might encounter on the water. As halibut males grow into maturity, around age seven, their bodies take on a distinctly diamond-shape. Female halibut tend to grow faster and larger than their male counterparts, entering spawning maturity around age 10. A mature halibut weighs approximately 25 to 30 lbs, but some female halibut are known to grow as large as 400 lbs. They are indeed, among the largest of the flatfish, surpassed only by Atlantic halibut. Their life expectancy is as high as 50 years.

3. Halibut Diet

Halibut FishingHalibut begin life near the bottom of the water, eating smaller sources of food such as plankton. Their appetite expands with their size. Mature halibut eat other fish like cod and turbot, as well as  other sea-life, including crabs, clams, herring, and octopus. When halibut fishing, herring is among the most popular baits.


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